Shadow Of The Ninja
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Shadow Of The Ninja

Shadow Of The Ninja

Persecution and suffering peasants are the evil Emperor. And those who oppose him sent soldiers to capture the prisoners were taken in the village. Of course, there are also a hero to save the villagers. Yes, it’s you shadow ninja. Later in the dark ninja control with the arrow keys you can quickly and invisibly. Should not look to switch to the emperor’s soldiers will encounter as you go and get over them. 2 different stone, and the other one makes you completely invisible in difficult skipped by pressing the space key allows you to switch the speed of light. According to these features, the color of the stones that you can press X or space. How do I save the villagers under the prisoner. When we press the desired keys on the side of the villagers in this time has expired, if you press the peasant can save us. If you press the wrong key ölücektir our peasants. All people’s lives in your hands. Good Luck..

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